Business Opportunity

Duelle’s business model creates an opportunity for the small business operator or new business operator in the afro hair care market. Our distribution policy is for the company to reach the professional ethnic salons via locally based Duelle appointed distributors in a specified area.

Our sales are driven by our distributors as we do not employ our own sales people, hence our need for strategically based partners.

We are looking for partners based in all regions of South and Southern Africa. Their function would be to service the professional hair salons in their allocated area. By service we mean they would be required to visit the salons in the area in order to sell the Duelle range of products and spread the philosophy of Duelle.

Product and sales training will be provided to all our partners. Support in terms of marketing material, market news and technical support will be provided.

We welcome any questions or enquiries. Please go to our contact page, contact us and take that first step to economic freedom and being your own boss.

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